Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake


Get this… Hubby asked me,  “so, you’re not taking this to work, right?”   He then proceeded to give me the countdown… as in how many days before it would be gone.  He was pretty close.  3 and a half days.

Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

  • Servings: bundt cake size
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1 Box Yellow Cake Mix

1 small box Vanilla Instant Pudding

1 small box Chocolate Instant Pudding

4 eggs

3/4 Cup vegetable oil

1 Cup Sour Cream

3/4 Cup Chocolate Chip semi-sweet, divided

bundt pan

lard or vegetable spray (Like Pam)


oven at 350 degrees

Mix everything together EXCEPT the chocolate chips.  Use a mixer for 2 minutes.  set aside.  Spray Pam or use lard on the bundt pan.  Pour half the mixture into the bundt pan.  Sprinkle about half the chocolate chips over mixture.  Pour the remaining mixture over the chocolate chips.  Top with remaining chocolate chips.  Bake 50 minutes.

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