Potato Salad 

This is kinda crazy because i don’t exactly measure portions on this salad. But here’s “basically” how I make it. 

Potato Salad

  • Servings: large bowl full
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small bag of red potatoes, boiled  (I’ve tried these different ways.  Peeled, half peeled and no peeling.)  I am currently not peeling the red potatoes any more.  Same great texture and much less work!  You can use russet potatoes or the like.  We prefer the texture of the red potatoes.

dozen eggs, boiled and sliced.  (Keep one sliced egg out of salad until just before serving)

small zucchini (oh and hubby dearest took up hydroponics this year.  I have a great supply of zucchini’s!)  Hydroponics is farming without soil.  Sooo interesting.  He has been studying this method for a couple years and finally tried it.  I am anxiously awaiting the peppers and tomato plants to produce.  Yum !!!  This week I found flowers on his pepper plants!    (My favorite truck driver has a green thumb!  Hmmm, wonder if he is talking to the plants  )

cluster of radishes ( I used the whole cluster)

celery ( I used half a bunch… about 6-8 stalks)

small amount of sliced black olives…optional  (I used about 1/8 of a cup)


Mayonnaise (sugar to cut if needed)


Mustard ..  one circle around the salad

Sour Cream  2-3 heaping serving spoons

Sweet Pickle Relish  about 3 heaping teaspoons

Ranch Dressing  1-2 circles around the salad.



SALAD.  Cut and chop and Combine Everything.  

DRESSING:  ok so I basically start with a heaping scoop of mayonnaise, a splash of milk, a circle of mustard, a serving size scoop of sour cream, a tablespoon or so of pickle relish and squeeze a circle of ranch in a bowl.  Combine in a separate bowl.  Taste and adjust to your likings.  Then gently toss into salad.  Refrigerate.

When ready to serve,  the salad “may” be a bit dry.  I usually use additional Milk, Mayonnaise and/or Ranch dressing just to moisten the salad a bit.

After the salad is moist and ready to be devoured, arrange the sliced egg that you reserved on top and garnish around the edge of the bowl with paprika.

I don’t add salt to this recipe as it seems to have enough salt from the ranch dressing and mustard.  I leave the salt and pepper shaker out just incase somebody needs it.


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