Keylime Jello


ok, so the real truth about what I did was …  this is actually a pie recipe.  But I like a little something sweet during my meal on occasion.  Sooooo,  I just removed the crust part and made the pie filling part.  hehe.   ok, my bad!  😀

Keylime Jello

  • Servings: 8X8 square
  • Print

1  .3-ounce lime flavor jello  (you can also make this with lemon or orange jello)

2  8-ounce keylime yogurts (use lemon meringue with the lemon jello  or orange with the orange jello)

1  8-ounce cool whip

1/2 cup boiling water


Dissolve jello in water.

Whisk in yogurt

Fold in cool whip

Refrigerate overnight.


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