How I Won Two Cars

Back in 2008, I won 2 (two) cars in the “Master Card Joy of Giving Sweepstakes”.

ahh yep! SCORE
ahh yep! SCORE


At first, I was like …yeah right…but curiosity got the best of me and I began searching the internet last night.  Today, I have spent one hour on the phone with the Master Card Company, and another hour with the Sweepstake Company and then hubby and I had affidavits signed and notarized.  Hubby and I both went into our bank and spoke with the branch manager for just over an hour and had her verify the winnings.  The bank manager faxed our affidavit’s in from the bank, and she congratulated us.. and then we fed ex’d the affidavits to the Master Card Sweepstakes Prize claim division. From there, they will be verifying that neither my hubby or myself work for the above mentioned companies and have no affiliation whatsoever with the sweepstakes.   Hubby and I are both in major shock …and are waiting for the dealership to call us so I can go pick a vehicle.  They are going to give me two identical cars in the equivalent of $33,000.00 each.  Until the vehicles are parked on my driveway,  I don’t think I can get anymore excited about this car thing…  My hubby and I have done as much research as possible on this and now it is a waiting game.

 How I got entered into the sweepstakes:

In November or December, Master Card was running a sweepstakes that…if you used your debit card, during those months, you were automatically entered into a sweepstakes.  Each week, they awarded prizes in duplicate  ( thus, the name of the sweepstakes is called:  “the joy of giving”).  The winner gets to choose one prize and get awarded a duplicate of that prize.  (The commercial is at the bottom of this story)

 What I purchased:

I made a $16.98 purchase with my Master Card / Debit Card.  That entered me into their sweepstakes.

We thought  (especially me)  it to be a scam as so much of that stuff goes on.  But when the bank verifies the winnings, and the credit card company also verified the winnings…  I believe this to be a true and valid sweepstakes.

With this being said, and if it IS indeed true,  I do believe there is a couple in Idaho who might be interested in this.

Yup, I’m still in shock … I just had to share this with you all.   And yes,  I wont believe it until they park it on my driveway.

And yes, they did even ask about the TV stations I watch and what radio stations I listen to.


It is too good to be true.  So, we wait and hope that this is legit.

Um, it was true.  Happy Ending!  and Yup, today is 11-25-2017 and I’m STILL driving one !




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