Turkey Cookies

Fun and Easy !

Turkey Cookies

Chocolate Frosting from can

Double stuff Oreo cookies

Candy Corn

Reeses peanut butter cups (minis)

Whoppers Malt balls

White frosting in large tubes

Black icing in small tube


You start with an double stuff oreo cookies.  Put chocolate frosting on the end of one cookie and set on the end of the other.  It will look like an oreo chair.  Gently stick your 5 or 6 candy corns into the top of the top oreo.  Unwrap a Reeses mini peanut butter cup, and put frosting on the top (widest side) of the candy.  Place this up against the oreo with the candy corn.  This is your turkey body.  Put frosting on the bottom of one Whoppers malt ball.  Place on top of Reeses Candy.  Cut off end of one candy corn, and dip in chocolate frosting.  Place this on the Malt ball.  Finally, squirt two dots of white frosting from a bag tube.  Then use black icing (from very small decorating tubes) as eye pupils.  (I used a pin to make a hole in the tube, so the icing would come out in a tiny drop)  The frosting will dry and set in 4 hours.  Use picture as diagram.



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