Macaroni Salad

When I was in my twenty’s, we were so strapped financially when I first made this salad.  I was determined to have a nice macaroni salad to accompany our bar-b-que’d hamburgers.  I had only a few ingredients in my cupboard & refrigerator, so I put together this little salad.  Through the years, I have added many different ingredients, but the family still prefers this basic recipe. ( I have added eggs, onions, peppers, ect).  The dressing is a personal taste choice.  I listed what I use, and adjust to the liking….  So feel free to find your happy salad place.

Macaroni Salad


1 pound of Macaroni Salad Noodles, cooked and chilled in cold water.

2 Chicken Breasts, cooked, chopped up and cooled

Celery, finely chopped





Ranch Dressing

Pepper to taste

Sweet Pickle Relish



SALAD.  Cut and chop and Combine.

DRESSING:  ok so i use basically start with a heaping scoop of mayonnaise, a splash of milk, a small squirt of mustard, a small amount of pickle relish and a circle of ranch.  Combine in a separate bowl.  Taste and adjust to your liking.  Then gently toss into salad.  Refrigerate.  Make extra dressing as the salad tends to become dry.   I usually use additional Milk, Mayonnaise and/or Ranch dressing just to moisten the salad a bit.

After the salad is moist and ready to be devoured, garnish around the edge of the bowl with paprika.



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