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The recipes on the main blog are a mixture of recipes from my 30+ cookbooks, including my mom’s cookbooks, my paternal grandma’s cookbooks and recipes from the internet.  I have drawers and cupboards FULL of recipes and cookbooks.  Ughhh, it’s a mess!  That’s a lot to keep straight…. so if I missed including your name, link or group name, I apologize.

The main purpose of this blog was just to get all these recipes in a handy quick list for me to easily access.  ….   Obviously, some of you enjoy them too.     Thanks for your compliments.     Happy Eating!!!


February 2, 2019….   Hubby In The Kitchen !

So, I get off work around 6-ish.  Some days earlier than that.  I prepare dinner before I leave for work and leave the final cooking or baking for when I get home.  Get this….  One weekend, I introduced my hubby dearest to the kitchen.  (he moaned).  He always told me that he burns water. …  …  I showed him years ago how to make an omelet, which he did master. (and I don’t have to make him breakfast anymore… except for baking the bacon).  Score!  Anyway, back to the hubby in the kitchen:  …  I just said to him that if I can do this by just reading the instructions,  you could do this.  Guys and instructions are like trying to combine oil and water.  He actually made dinner on a Saturday and then on Sunday.  Of course,… the recipes I chose only had 2 sentences of “HOW TO” instructions and I did have everything pre-measured.  ….   All I can say is Yes, he can do this and he won’t starve….  and   he didn’t like doing it.    Live and Learn.  🙂


Rain and God’s Word



It has been a few years since we had a good rainy season here.  This year was an exception.  As I sat outside last night on the patio, it began to rain.  I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time as I was enjoying the company of my hubby and brother in law.  We were talking and laughing and carrying on.  But in the background you could hear the rain as it hit the grass.  It was a light refreshing rain.

It’s not often that i have spare time in my crazy busy life to just simply enjoy moments like that.  But today I am just taking some me time to wonder about stuff….stuff like hearing rain and hearing God’s word.  How can I make a comparison between rain and God’s word?  How is rain like God’s word?

Sometimes rain falls gently, so gently we barely hear it.  Sometimes we Don’t even know it’s raining until we look outside.  Like drizzle.  You can barely see it, except the affects of the drizzle that leave the grass and roads wet.  So we know it rained (or drizzled) outside, but it’s not really a “rain storm”.

Once in a while, the rain comes down in a steady long lasting storm and at other times, it just pours.  There’s also those 30-minute thunderstorms where the weather is strong and can be kind of scarey.

Drizzle in reading the bible is still reading the bible.  It may affect you, but you may not be able to even detect its’ worth.  How often I have skimmed through chapters that i already know, missing nuggets that are so obvious…if only i would take the time.

A long steady dive into God’s word really impacts you.  Taking a thundering grasp on what you read, will affect you in your daily walk with Him.


From my childhood, there was a song that my mom and i use to sing:

Dropping Dropping Falls the Rain by A.A. Payn

dropping dropping falls the rain

from the sky

gazing thru the window pane we wonder why

everywhere flowers fair

shed their fragrance on the air

everyday praising Him

for His care.


Take the time.  Enjoy the rain. Get refreshed.  Read.  Dig Deep and get ready to feel its’ refreshing affects.



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